Bowed Walls

Do your basement walls look to be bending or leaning? Bowed walls are typically a consequence of hydrostatic pressure. This pressure comes from the soil around the perimeter of your property, which can be infiltrated with moisture over time, making it damp and heavy. The water in the soil then exerts hydrostatic pressure on your basement walls, causing them to bend in unusual ways.

Bowed basement walls can ultimately cause cracks alongside your foundation. You might even end up with bowed foundation walls, if you do not deal with the bowed basement walls. The Anchored Walls team in Des Moines can repair bowed basement walls, and cracks in your foundation.

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Des Moines Bowed Foundation Wall Repair

When it comes to bowing or buckling basement walls, many homeowners believe that replacement is the only alternative. However, replacing a foundation wall doesn't necessarily treat the problem. Basement walls shift for a number of factors, including standing water, unsuccessful basement waterproofing and lack of appropriate drainage. These issues must be fixed before other actions are taken. If you have a crack in your foundation or need basement wall repair, call Des Moines’ experts at Anchored Walls today.

Wall plate anchors are an inexpensive solution to many bowed or cracked basement wall surfaces. These anchors are an approved means of repair by many engineers and building code officials in the United States. These anchors recover the structural integrity of foundation walls, without significant renovation or excavation.

One of the many advantages of wall plate anchors is the fact that they aren't obtrusive or unsightly in the basement like many other bracing methods. A thin, high-strength steel wall plate may be the only thing seen internally. Many times, these plates are coated to match the walls or 2x2 furring strips are utilized to finish the inside walls. This allows the repair to take place without sacrificing valuable square footage.

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Wall Anchors

Stop Bowing Basement Walls

Anchored Walls of Des Moines repairs cracked and bowed walls using "anchors." The anchor system we use provides lasting strength and stability to foundation walls that have bowed or are buckling. It is extremely important to get a proper diagnosis from a certified, trained and experienced foundation repair expert.

From I-Beams to carbon fiber strips to shotcrete wall restoration to helical anchors, there are a wide variety of potential repair options for a bowed basement wall. Rest assured knowing that the job was done properly by a licensed foundation-repair contractor who has the training and engineering resources to fix the problem correctly and for good.

Repair Bowed Walls Forever

Des Moines' trusted professionals at Anchored Walls use only products designed by professional engineers. Our certified installers have the knowledge and experience to fix your foundation problem the first time. We have more experience and have installed far more anchors than any other bowed wall repair contractor in Des Moines and the surrounding areas. We do top quality work at a fair price.


  • In most cases, can straighten walls (over time) without excavation
  • Limited disturbance to lawn and landscape
  • Low-profile wall plate can be easily painted or finished over
  • Counteracts pressure on the wall without causing damage to structure (does not rely on the floor joists or wood framing as the reaction)
  • Will stabilize bowed, leaning and sheared walls
  • Patented products can only be installed by Manufacturer-Certified Installers