Commercial Foundation Solutions in Des Moines

Commercial foundation repair can be daunting. When you notice foundation damage in your commercial space, you want a professional company that can stop the damage as well as extend the life of your building.  

Anchored Walls has over 40 years of experience serving Des Moines with commercial foundation repair services. A sizable commercial project such as a mall or warehouse requires the right equipment and knowledge to properly protect the entire structure. In comes Anchored Walls of Des Moines for commercial foundation solutions!

Don’t wait if you notice any cracks or signs of foundation damage in your commercial building, Des Moines experts at Anchored Walls will give you a free foundation inspection and quote. Let us develop a plan of action as quickly as possible.

Bowed Wall Crack from front
Pier Diagram example

A foundation’s primary goal is to provide a solid base to support the structure. If the foundation fails, you may notice the following symptoms: 

  • Sloped floors 
  • Cracked warehouse floors 
  • Door/window frames that are hard to open and close 
  • Cracked walls and bricks 
  • Cracked drywall/stucco 
  • Crooked or leaning chimneys 
  • Cracked floor tile

Why foundations fail: 

  • Poor soil conditions when the structure was built. 
  • Expansive soil expands and contracts due to heat and cold, excessive rain, and drought, causing foundations to shift and settle.  
  • Improper compacting when the structure was built. 
  • Settling of the foundation because of inadequate support beams.

Anchored Walls will repair your commercial foundation in Des Moines using solutions incorporating the most innovative tools and techniques. Our methods will differ depending on the type of foundation failure, the age of the building, and long-term goals. Each situation is unique and requires a solid plan to ensure the best outcome. Our team will explain what we recommend to achieve the best result, including the pros and cons of the available repair options. 

Contact us today to schedule your free inspection and estimate for commercial foundation repair in Des Moines. We look forward to serving you!