Poly Concrete Leveling In Des Moines

Concrete surfaces are prone to sinking, settling, and cracking over time, due to changes in the underlying soil. If your concrete sidewalk, driveway, patio, or pool deck shows signs of wear and tear or has become uplifted and uneven, Anchored Walls Foundation Repair is here to help. Concrete damage can dramatically lower your curb appeal and property value, as well as present a tripping hazard, so it’s important to get it fixed right away.

Our Des Moines poly concrete lifting team can restore your concrete with ease, whether it’s a simple patio or a large airport runway. With decades of industry experience, we have the most effective solutions for concrete repair and can restore your concrete slabs to their original positions. 

What Can Poly Concrete Lifting Do For Your Des Moines property

Here at Anchored Walls Foundation Repair of Des Moines, we use the innovative polyurethane concrete raising method, which works for a wide range of applications:

  • Lifting and leveling patios, driveways, pool decks, and walkways
  • Lifting concrete slabs or foundations that have settled
  • Lifting and stabilizing runways and roadways
  • Filling in sinkholes
  • Stabilizing loose soil
  • Boosting load-bearing capacity of soil prior to construction

Lifting Concrete Slab

Why You Should Choose Poly Concrete Lifting

Poly concrete leveling and lifting here in Des Moines can be accomplished in a few different ways, but the polyurethane foam method can deliver the kinds of results our clients deserve. We use the Poly Concrete Leveling method for many reasons, including the light weight. The foam weighs only 4 lbs per cubic foot when cured, compared to nearly 120 lbs per cubic foot of other fill materials. This prevents load stress on the soil and prevents future sinking.

Poly foam also outperforms other methods like mudjacking and slabjacking because of its superior lifting strength. It also cures in as little as 15 minutes after injection, and won’t erode or leach into the soil over time.

Anchored Walls Foundation Repair is a leading name for concrete leveling, lifting, and repair in Des Moines. We will make your concrete look like new again! Reach out to us today to request a Free Estimate for your concrete leveling project.