Concrete Repair in Des Moines

Cracked and broken concrete is not only unsightly but can also be dangerous. Uneven surfaces can lead to stumbles and falls. Cracks detract from your curb appeal as well as lower the value of your property. Get your concrete back in shape and call Anchored Walls in Des Moines for concrete repair services today.

Many factors contribute to the settling that shows up as cracks and damaged surfaces in need of concrete repair. Des Moines winters can be harsh on concrete. Settling can occur if the ground was not properly compacted when the concrete slab was poured, whether for your foundation, patio, driveway, or sidewalk. Freeze-thaw cycles, wet weather, and dry seasons can also cause soil expansion, erosion, and settling. Whatever the cause, the faster the issue is addressed, the more potential damage can be mitigated. Letting the problem go without being addressed will only cause more extensive issues.

Anchored Walls has several solutions for concrete repair in Des Moines, and the solution that’s right for your property will depend on the specific circumstances. Our team offers those in and around Des Moines concrete leveling and lifting services that are umatched by our competitors. We utilize a method where small holes are drilled into the concrete, and an expanding polyurethane foam is injected, raising the concrete to restore it to its proper position. The foam quickly expands and hardens and supports the failing concrete for long-term results. The holes are then filled and patched with a concrete layer. If the damage is more significant, we can professionally remove the broken concrete and install an entirely new surface. For a free estimate on concrete leveling and lifting services in Des Moines, contact us today. We can determine the best course of action for your unique needs.

Each situation requires a unique solution, and a free consultation with one of our experienced team members can give you the information you need to make the best and most cost-effective decision for your needs.

Anchored Walls is a family-owned business specializing in foundation and crawl space repair, basement waterproofing, egress window services, and concrete leveling and repair in the Des Moines area. For over 40 years, we have provided quality workmanship and reliable customer service to homeowners in our community. From walls and foundations to new installations and concrete repairs, we have been at the forefront of implementing the latest techniques in the industry. We are a better business bureau member and pride ourselves on providing service with integrity. Contact Anchored Walls today for your free concrete repair estimate in Des Moines!