Crawl Space Encapsulation Services in Des Moines

Corn sweats, and all that water in the air makes Des Moines one of the most oppressively humid places in the country—making it feel more muggy than Miami Beach! Because the crawl space beneath your home is open to the outside air, all that humidity gets circulated into that small, dark space, and begins to wreak havoc on the foundational stability of your home. The excessive humidity promotes mold and fungal growth that rots the wood joists supporting your floor and creates an inviting environment for rodents and other varmints, invasive insects like spiders and termites, and even snakes. The team at Anchored Walls has a perfect solution to clear away the foul, musty odors and convince your wild housemates to resume residence in the cornfields where they belong. Try our crawl space encapsulation services in your Des Moines home for humidity protection.

after crawl space changes have been made
crawl space before picture with cobwebs

Crawl Space Encapsulation Services

Des Moines is humid, and the most effective way to mitigate the humidity that threatens your home is an encapsulation system, which permanently seals out water. Getting the water out of the crawl space is the first step, and once we’re satisfied the crawl space is bone dry, we’ll install heavy-duty rolls of plastic to completely cover the concrete foundation and seal off the vents. We’ll attach plastic sheets to fully protect the floor joists, and we’ll cover the entire dirt floor to stop any flow or percolation of groundwater. Once all the plastic membranes are in place, we’ll tape off all seams to ensure no gaps remain where the humidity can get in and begin its dank, nefarious work all over again.

To ensure ideal, watertight performance, we also recommend adding a drainage system around your foundation (French drains) to channel water away from your crawl space. In some cases, we might also recommend the addition of a crawl space dehumidifier.

We’re in Business to Protect Your Home

Anchored Walls is a family-owned, local business, and for more than four decades, we’ve provided crawl space services to our Des Moines neighbors, along with foundation repair and concrete leveling. We use the latest industry techniques and the highest quality materials to create crawl space encapsulation systems that protect your Des Moines-area home from humidity, poor, musty air quality and invasive pests. Reach out to our Des Moines crawl space encapsulation experts today and schedule your free estimate!