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The last thing you want to see are cracks in your basement walls, or bowed basement walls, because when you see the problem your stress level soars and your heart rate goes up. And rightly so, because foundation issues are a big deal. The stability of your home depends upon the structural integrity of your foundation, which means you can’t afford to put off the repairs. But damage to your foundation and basement walls doesn’t automatically mean the foundation needs to be completely replaced. The experts at Anchored Walls have been restoring and repairing foundation and basement walls in Des Moines for more than four decades, and we’ve got long-lasting, cost-effective solutions for your property.

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Des Moines Wall Anchor Solutions

Anchored Walls specializes in the repair of cracked and bowed walls in Des Moines, using our wall anchor system that provides renewed strength and stability to the foundation walls of your home or business.

Wall anchors are a reliable solution for repairing and stabilizing bowing walls. They utilize the strength and weight of the hard-packed earth surrounding a property to exert appropriate pressure. The wall anchor comprises three key parts: the wall plate, earth anchor, and steel rod, which work together to prevent further bowing and to straighten your walls over time.

Des Moines Wall Anchor Installation

Typically, the experts at Anchored Walls in Des Moines install wall anchors when foundation or basement walls start to lean, buckle, or bow inward due to excessive lateral, hydrostatic pressure, the common signs of serious structural issues that require professional attention. The anchors are installed outside in the soil to avoid exerting additional stress on the structure of your home.

Wall plate anchors are a cost-effective solution for providing support and can be easily installed using portable equipment with minimal disruption to your landscape. Since the late 1970s, wall anchors have been successfully used in private, residential, and commercial premises to repair damaged foundation walls. The wall anchor solutions and installation services by our Des Moines team are unmatched. Their high success rate makes them a recommended solution by home inspectors and structural engineers.

The Anchored Walls Advantage

The professionals at Anchored Walls use only products designed by professional engineers, and our certified installers have the knowledge and experience to fix foundation problems right the first time, every time. With more experience and successful installations than any other company in Des Moines, our wall anchor solutions and installation services make us your trusted professionals for repairing bowed walls forever. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate on foundation repair for your Des Moines home.

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Foundation Repair FAQ

What causes foundation cracks?

Foundation cracks can be a result of soil settlement or hydrostatic pressure. Soil settlement is typically situated in soils which have high clay contents. Clay soil shifts and moves about often, especially when it’s infiltrated with moisture. This creates voids between the soil and the base of the foundation. The foundation isn’t able to support all the weight on its own without anything underneath it.

Hydrostatic pressure is the pressure caused by soil moisture pressing against the foundation. Without proper yard drainage systems, pressure is continuously placed on the foundation, causing it to eventually crack.

If I don't repair my foundation, what could happen?

If you don’t repair your foundation, water will eventually seep in. This causes an assortment of additional problems for the structural integrity of your home.

Is it necessary to get small foundation cracks repaired?

Yes, you should treat all foundation cracks the same no matter how big or small they may be. Over time, small cracks can become much larger, and these larger cracks let in more damaging water.

Is foundation repair expensive?

Anchored Walls’ foundation repair services are based on each individual job, depending on the severity. To receive an estimate, please call us at 515-462-2422.