Top-Rated Foundation Pier Contractors in Des Moines

No matter what kind of foundation your home was built upon, it’s vital that it remains stable and strong so it can support your house. Anchored Walls is here to keep your foundation in optimal condition so your home’s structural integrity doesn’t become compromised. Reach out to us right away if you notice any signs of foundation damage, such as bowing basement walls, interior or exterior wall cracks, water entering your basement, sticking windows or doors, or a tilting chimney. Our experienced foundation pier contractors in Des Moines can provide a free inspection and recommend solutions for permanent repair to protect your home now and into the future. It’s crucial to address any signs of foundation damage right away, because foundation damage will only get worse and more costly over time.

How Do Foundations Become Compromised Over Time?

A foundation’s integrity is often dependent on ground soil, because foundations are built on top of soil, which supports the foundation. When moisture fluctuates within the soil, the soil expands and contracts, which can leave voids beneath your foundation. Soil erosion, soil settlement, poorly compacted soil, and hydrostatic pressure all cause foundation issues, such as settling and shifting. 

Types of Foundation Piers

Our Des Moines foundation repair experts use foundation piers to provide added protection and support to settling or compromised foundations. There are two main types of foundation piers, which are proven to provide effective, long-term support: 

Helical Piers: Resembling large screws, helical piers are drilled into the ground to reach a more stable layer of soil, at which point, steel brackets are attached and they’re connected to the foundation footing. After our team in Des Moines installs helical piers, the home’s weight can be successfully transferred for long-lasting support.

Push Piers: Hydraulically forced into the ground, push piers are a solid choice to help reinforce heavier loads. Our professionals in Des Moines use push piers that are heavy-duty and made of galvanized steel that go deeper into the ground reaching solid bedrock well below the surface of the foundation. 

Our knowledgeable and experienced foundation pier contractors in Des Moines can provide a free inspection and determine which type of foundation piers are appropriate for the unique needs of your home.

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