Egress Windows for Basements in Iowa City

Anchored Walls is your premier contractor for enhancing the safety and aesthetics of your basement with egress windows and egress well systems for your Iowa City basement. An egress window is not just an excellent addition to bedrooms, entertainment areas, study areas, and kid's playrooms, it also amplifies the ingress of natural sunlight.

Imagine a scenario where a fire on the first floor forces you to evacuate from your basement. Egress windows serve as a vital escape route. In addition, builders are being mandated by building codes to incorporate these windows in their basement designs. As a locally based company, Anchored Walls provides egress windows to basements in Iowa City along with installation, repairs and replacement services for basement window wells, ensuring the safety and security of you and your family.

Egress picture from above

Procedure for Installation

  • Excavate the planned window site
  • Dig until the existing tile line is reached, ensuring that the window well can drain into the existing system
  • Fill the space with gravel
  • Hang plastic inside to maintain the cleanliness of your home's interior
  • Cut an opening in the foundation and prepare the frame
  • Proceed with the installation of the window
  • Exterior sealing and trimming is carried out
  • Backfill and tamp it down in the well
  • Install the ladder and optional cover if desired

Basement Redesign

If you are contemplating a basement remodel and considering installing one or more egress windows in your Iowa City basement, you must check your local building codes for the required egress window specifications. Different municipalities may impose their own window regulations.

For homeowners who want to revitalize the ambiance and lighting of the basement in their home, Anchored Walls in Iowa City provides installation and repair services for basement egress windows. Our team of expert window installers ensures their impeccable window installation adheres to local stipulations. The installation process may require a cut through the basement wall made of poured concrete or concrete blocks to form an opening. Once finished, you can customize your window well according to your preference.


For all your egress window or basement window well installation or replacement needs, contact the experts at Anchored Walls. Dial 515-462-2422 to find out more or to set up an appointment.

Side view of house and foundations