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basement egress windows

Anchored Walls offers basement egress windows and egress escape well systems, which increase the amount of natural light in your basement and help ensure your family's safety. Basement egress windows are great in bedrooms, entertainment rooms, home theaters, and children's playrooms. 

Consider for a moment how you would exit your basement, if the first floor of your home was on fire. Egress windows provide a safe escape. In fact, many builders are now required to add basement egress windows in accordance with building code.

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installation process

  • Excavate where window will go
  • Dig down to existing tile line to make sure the window well will drain into current system
  • Fill with gravel
  • Hang plastic inside (keeping the inside of the home as clean as possible
  • Cut opening in foundation
  • Frame and prepare opening
  • Install Window
  • Seal and trim out exterior
  • Backfill and tamp around well
  • Install ladder
  • Install cover (optional)
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basement remodeling

If you are thinking about doing some basement remodeling and would like to add an egress window or multiple windows, check your local building codes for egress window requirements. Most municipalities may have their own window codes.

Anchored Walls offers superb basement egress window installation services for homeowners in Iowa who want to spruce up the lowest level of their home. Our window installers will make sure they meet local requirements and is installed properly. During the window installation, a cut through the poured basement wall or through your concrete blocks may be necessary to create an opening. Once the window opening has been made, you can have the window well customized to your liking.

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