Waterproofing Solutions in Des Moines

Waterproofing your home can be one of the best ways to maintain its value and protect your investment. Anchored Walls has over 40 years of experience detecting the origin of a wet basement and the proper procedures to remedy the problem using the latest techniques and products. We have served thousands of satisfied customers and will work diligently to solve or prevent your water problems. 

Water Pooling
water seeping into walls diagram

Signs of Water Intrusion

The basement can be one of the focal points in your home when it is used as the perfect game room or extra square footage for bedrooms and expanded living; however, if it feels damp or smells musty, it can be a sign of a problem that can lead to health issues if left untreated. The increased dampness can lead to mold, which can create respiratory problems and decreased value of your home.  For water damage prevention in your Des Moines home, a waterproofing solution from professionals can help.

Address Water Intrusion Quickly

Our certified team is available to inspect your home and identify potential water problems. Early detection can save you thousands if the leaking is because of a foundation crack. 

Water can enter the home through the walls and the foundation. Excessive rain and hot, dry weather can cause the soil to expand and contract, creating shifting soil and hydrostatic pressure, which can cause foundation damage and basement leaks. Don’t let the problem get out of control. For the best waterproofing solutions, contact Des Moines’ water damage professionals at Anchored Walls.

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At Anchored Walls, we know how to find the source of the leak and how to protect your home from water damage. Our waterproofing solutions are proven to keep homes safe and dry. From an older home to brand-new construction, water can still find a way to enter and cause damage. The right waterproofing solutions can protect your Des Moines home from water damage for many years to come. Contact Anchored Walls today to schedule your free inspection and estimate!  We look forward to providing proven waterproofing solutions to protect your investment.