Cracked Wall Repair Specialists

Discovering cracks in the walls can be a distressing experience for homeowners. While smaller, stable cracks may not raise immediate alarms, larger and more extensive cracks can be indicative of significant structural damage. It is crucial to seek the expertise of a seasoned professional to assess whether repairs are necessary for your basement cracks.

At Anchored Walls, our dedicated team specializes in wall crack repair and is prepared to evaluate your specific situation. We are committed to providing suitable solutions to address your home's needs. Take the first step by contacting us today to arrange a complimentary consultation. Allow us to guide you through the process and assist you.

Types of Wall Cracks You May See in Your Basement

The presence of wall cracks often signifies the presence of additional pressure exerted on the affected area. This pressure can stem from various sources, such as hydrostatic pressure, expansive soils, or inadequate construction practices. When you come across a crack, it is crucial to take note of its location and appearance. These factors play a vital role in enabling our team of wall repair specialists to identify the underlying cause of the crack and provide appropriate repair recommendations.

Each wall crack exhibits unique characteristics in terms of appearance and behavior. While some cracks may pose no immediate threat, others indicate a worsening problem. When faced with basement wall damage, it becomes essential to familiarize yourself with the different types of cracks you may encounter.

Pay attention to your walls and watch for:

  • Diagonal wall cracks
  • Vertical cracks ⅛ inch wide or larger
  • Stair-step wall cracks

Hairline cracks are typically a concern only if they continue to grow over time.

Interior Drywall Crack

Wall Crack Repair Ensures Your Foundation Is Secure

Many homeowners attempt to repair their cracked walls with do-it-yourself repair methods. But when you have a wall crack, it is better to let Anchored Walls provide expert service to address the issue.

Our skilled professionals use their knowledge to repair cosmetic and foundation cracks. Anchored Walls technicians have an effective solution to restore your foundation.

Every solution recommended for your home will be designed to meet your exact needs. Contact Anchored Walls today to schedule a free consultation, and one of our contractors will assess your cracked walls. You can trust that we will deliver exceptional service and restore the structural integrity of your foundation.